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  • At APMSC, we offer all of the medical, diagnostic, surgical and dental care services your animal family member needs to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. More importantly, we focus on making our patients feel safe and comfortable – whether it’s an extra belly rub, some special play time or bribery by way of treats – so that they not only feel relaxed during their visit, but they actually enjoy being here! Most of the time they never even know they’re being examined or treated! Whether you recently moved to the Diamond Bar or Walnut area, or you’ve been here all your life, we invite you to come by and see what a difference our Skillful & Knowledgeable Caring®  makes. We’d love to welcome you and all of your animal friends to become a part of the All Pets family.

    Choosing the Right Bird

    Have you decided to bring a pet bird into your Walnut home? These beautiful, musical creatures are quite enchanting, and can make wonderful pets. If you have never had a … Read More »


    Feeding Your Sugar Glider

    Like any pets, sugar gliders have some specific nutritional needs, and must be fed a proper diet in order to stay healthy. Your Diamond Bar sugar glider’s regular diet should … Read More »


    Senility in Dogs

    Is your Diamond Bar dog getting on in years? You may have noticed Fido’s muzzle going grey, and your canine pal might be moving a lot more slowly than he … Read More »

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