Veterinary Services at All Pets Medical & Surgical Center

Vetsuite_Img_55566Behavioral Medicine

Frequently, behavior modification techniques help your pet live a happier and healthier life. We offer behavioral counseling for dogs and cats with issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, inappropriate urination, and other needs that may be experiencing.

bird vet


Providing proper medical care for birds requires specialized training and skills. We employ staff veterinarians who possess experience in the care and treatment of birds. Our staff veterinarians can advise you as to the dietary, maintenance, hygiene and medical needs of your feathered friend.

Blood Transfusion veterinary blood transfusion

We maintain a supply of blood in case of emergency. The blood is collected from donor pets that live with their owners, and all blood is carefully screened for disease.

Cat Boarding cat boarding

The Kitty Korner is where your feline companion can stay whether it is for an extended vacation or simply for the day. Our air-filtered five story townhouse is complete with a soft four-poster bed and a private litter box area.

We supply meals, plenty of water, and administration of medications if needed. While your pet boards here they are watched over by our trained team and if there are any problems the veterinarian on hand is here to help.

We provide tender loving care such as cuddling to keep your cat healthy and happy. 

Convenient Appointments Convenient veterinary appointments

At All Pets Medical & Surgical Center we are look forward to making an appointment for you and your pet at your convenience.  We provide early morning drop off appointments and day boarding all day to fit into your busy schedule. Phone us at (909) 622-1044 or (626) 965-2234 to help address any of your veterinary needs or simply just to say "Hello!"

Cryosurgery cyrosurgery

Cryosurgery is the technique of applying a freezing material directly to small benign skin growths. We now have the ability to remove these growths without anesthesia or traditional surgery. This is the perfect choice for any critter of any age.

veterinary day careDay Care

Is your pet unhappy or lonely while you're at work? Give your companion the personal attention he or she deserves throughout the day. We offer the same TLC and playtime offered to our longer-term guests. 

Pet Dental CareDental Care

Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's teeth. Otherwise conditions may lead to gingivitis and various other dental problems that compromise your pet's health.

At All Pets Medical and Surgical Center we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your pet receives the best veterinary dental care. We use modern and safe ultrasound to clean each tooth thoroughly - above and below the gum line- and digital x-rays to check on the health of the tooth root. Dental technicians clean teeth and polish them to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. Fluoride treatments help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. Proper dental care is a part of your pet's well being.


Dog Boarding

Our Doggie Den features comfortable climate controlled indoor dog runs where your canine friend will stay in style. Dogs are execised on a leash three times a day and are given soft blankets to lay on. We supply meals, plenty of water, and administration of medications if needed. While your pet boards here they are watched over by our trained team and if there are any problems the veterinarian on hand is here to help.

Ear Infections pet ear infections

Ear infections can cause your pet distress. Many types of pets get ear infections, including dogs, cats, and most furry pets. Does your pet exhibit any of the below symptoms?

  • Head shaking or scratching at ears
  • Foul odor from ears
  • Ear discharge
  • Head tilt

Chronic ear problems are often associated with inflammation of the ear and can be caused by a number of different underlying diseases such as bacterial or fungal infections, allergies, ear mites, or endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism or tumors.

Our highly trained doctors know what to look for when examining your pet's ears. They can prescribe a treatment plan to help make your pet more comfortable.

EKG & Pulse Oximetry Vetsuite_Img_55618

Our EKG and Pulse Oximetry equipment monitors the heart beat and vital signs. These are just a few of our many safety guards in determining how well your pet is responding to treatment and anesthesia.

Emergency and Critical Care Vetsuite_Img_55612

In any emergency, seconds count. Our experienced staff is backed up by our mobile resuscitation unit, stocked and equipped to administer the ABCs of basic life support - Airway, Breathing, Circulation/Cardiac compressions. Emergency care is offered during regular business hours. In addition, we use the services of a local, fully staffed emergency center. 

Eye Care Vetsuite_Img_55558

At All Pets Medical & Surgical Center we offer many opthalmic diagnostic tests one of them being tonometry. We have elevated our level of care by accurately measuring the pet's intraocular pressure by using a state-of-the-art device called a Tonopen. This device helps us detect glaucoma which could lead to blindness. 

Grooming & Bathing Vetsuite_Img_55547

Treat your pet to a luxurious bath at our Four Paws Salon. Our special, cleansing baths remove dirt, debris and that doggie pet odor - your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. A toe nail trim, anal sac expression, and a bow or bandana are also included in any bath & brush or grooming. Our highly trained grooming staff possesses the expert knowledge needed to simultaneously offer skilled grooming services, safety and comfort to our patients.

For your convenience, your pet's vaccinations and bi-annual exams can be done while your pet is here. Our Four Paws Salon is open on weekdays and Saturdays. Please call for an appointment and pricing. 

Hospice / Euthanasia Services Vetsuite_Img_55613

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We work with clients to ensure their pet's comfort and dignity. Services include taking care of the remains as directed by the client.

Immunization Vetsuite_Img_55562

Vaccinations are one of the best gifts you can give your pet to help live a long and healthy life. After the first few weeks of his or her existence, the newborn's maternal immunity wears down leaving him or her vulnerable to diseases. With the help and advice from our veterinarians, correct vaccination can help your pet dodge potentially deadly diseases such as rabies, distemper and feline leukemia.  

Internal Medicine Vetsuite_Img_55614

We cover all areas of internal medicine, including: Cardiology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Orthopedic surgery; Oncology; Endocrinology; among others.

Laser, Therapeutic laser_pic_from_DrB_6_27_11.JPG

 We at APMSC's Pain Management Clinic are happy to announce  the use  of our new Therapeutic Laser by Cutting Edge. This  multiwavelength device is used to reduce pain due to arthritis, sprains & strains, slipped discs, muscle & tendon pain, and chronic otitis. This technology has been successful in treating non healing sores, chronic otitis, "lick granulomas" and infected wounds. Call for appointment today. Log onto:   for more details! 

Microchipping Vetsuite_Img_55561

Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. Daily, beloved family pets are lost.  Tragically, most never make it back home.  We offer the most widely used microchip products to increase the chances of a safe recovery. These chips are the professional way to identify your pet and is proven safe and effective.  Within the tiny microchip contains a unique number distinguishing your pet from all others. This chip is injected under the skin where it remains safely for life.  This procedure can be performed anytime throughout the life of your pet. 

Nutritional Counseling Vetsuite_Img_55564

Whether your furry friend is fighting the "battle of the bulge" or needs a particular diet we can help! The doctors and our staff can help advise you in choosing the right diet for your pet to keep him or her happy, healthy and active.

On-Site Laboratory Vetsuite_Img_55557

At All Pet's Medical & Surgical Center, you won't have to wait days for laboratory analysis.  Our on-site laboratory allows us to perform diagnostic lab testing to help us determine the best treatment plan for your pet's medical condition. 

Immediate results can be shared to help you and your Veterinarian determine treatment options available for your pet's health care needs. 

Pain Management Vetsuite_Img_55615

Veterinary patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do. We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is the essence of good patient care.

Physical Examination Vetsuite_Img_55549

We believe the best approach to your pet's health care is prevention.  Proper care of your pet is the easiest and smartest way to keep him or her happy and healthy. At All Pets Medical & Surgical Center, we provide a thorough exam for all of our clients' pets.

We recommend a complete physical exam for your pet every 6 months. Numerous changes can occur from year to year, especially as your pet gets older.

Preventative health care recommendations are made based on examination findings, your pet's individual needs, and you. Prevention may include blood, urine, fecal tests, vaccinations, dietary or exercise advice, and life-style changes.

A Complete Physical Exam Includes:

•Body Score
•Oral Cavity
•Lymph Nodes

Pocket Pets Vetsuite_Img_55622

We offer complete medical care for our pocket pets. Whether your pet needs a physical exam, or just a toe nail trim, we can do it all. Our patient care staff is experienced with many pocket pets, and has the knowledge to ensure that your pet will be comfortable and safe in our hands.

Services We Offer:

* Physical exams with an experienced exotic pet veterinarian
* Complete laboratory services
* Diet and hygiene consultations
* Grooming services, including beak, toe nail trims, and wing clipping
* Lodging services

Rabbits Vetsuite_Img_55616

Providing proper medical care for rabbits and small mammals requires specialized training and skills. We employ staff veterinarians who possess experience in the care and treatment of rabbits and small mammals. Our staff veterinarians can advise you as to the dietary, maintenance, hygiene and medical needs of your furry friend.

Radiology Vetsuite_Img_55555

Radiology - or X-rays - help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular(cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems.

Our modern veterinary digital X-Ray equipment ensures your pet has minimal exposure to radiation, while providing our doctors with the very best digital imaging available for your pet's condition and determine the best form of treatment.

Specialists Vetsuite_Img_55617

Sometimes conditions arise that require veterinarians with specialized training. Our staff often confers with board certified veterinary cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists and other specialists.

Specialized Pet Surgery Vetsuite_Img_55624

All Pets Medical & Surgical Center has several veterinary surgeons including specialists able to perform eye surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgical procedures. We can provide a comprehensive range of veterinary surgeries, so don't hesitate to contact us at 909-622-1044 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Surgery Vetsuite_Img_55550

We can provide your pet with a full range of soft tissue surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more advanced procedures such as orthopedic or cryosurgery.

We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. Surgical services and facilities include: board certified surgeon available for consultation; fully trained veterinary and technical staff, to ensure the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art procedures for your pet; heated surgery tables for greater comfort; advanced sterilization techniques; ECG and oxygen saturation monitors; intensive after surgery care and full blood testing. 

Ultrasound Vetsuite_Img_55556

Our veterinary ultrasound is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology using sound waves to painlessly examine specific internal organs, primarily the heart and abdominal organs. Pregnancy exams are also available.

Vet-Stem® Regenerative Veterinary Medicine


Regenerative Medicine is a broad definition for innovative medical therapies that will enable the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate damaged or diseased tissues.Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicine uses a concentrated form of autologous adipose-derived adult stem cells to treat traumatic and degenerative diseases, including bowed tendons, ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and osteochondral defects in horses, dogs and cats. To read more about this click here..Vet-Stem. All Pets Medical & Surgical Center can provide this service for your pet.

Wellness Programs Vetsuite_Img_55822

We strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in Wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Our Wellness programs are designed specifically for your pet and include: Comprehensive physical exam; internal parasite testing; heartworm and flea control; vaccination program; spay and neuter package; and specialized blood tests for all life stages. 


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