Longevity Clinic

The goal of every caring pet parent is to see their animal companion enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. At All Pets, we share that very same goal. That’s why we’ve created a special extension of our clinic known as the Longevity Clinic. This special service is designed to support long-term good health, a strong immune system and early detection of illness in middle-aged and senior pets. By working with your loved one on a regular basis, we have a much better chance of extending his or her life and ensuring that those extra years are as happy and comfortable as possible.

Our longevity services include comprehensive physical exams and ongoing diagnostic testing to help monitor your pet’s current health and manage it over time. As animals age, their health care needs change. They can also become more susceptible to a number of serious medical conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes. Longevity care is designed to prevent and/or delay the onset of such conditions, and to identify the signs of a health concern as early as possible. Early detection and prompt treatment can add years to your companion’s life.

You want your loved one to stick around for as long as possible and so do we. Our Longevity Clinic is designed to support that goal, providing you both with the best chance of enjoying many healthy years of companionship with one another.

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