Independence Day Pet Safety

As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, you’re probably preparing to celebrate with family, fun, food, and fireworks. Is your pet ready for the coming holiday? Use these tips from a Diamond Bar veterinarian to make sure he is.

Picnic and Party Tips

By all means, take your pet to your Fourth party or picnic, but do so safely. Make sure he’s properly identified with ID tags or a microchip, and keep a watchful eye on him. Picnics and parties have all sorts of human goodies that pets shouldn’t have, including alcohol, chocolate, candy, onions, grapes, raisins, avocados, and salty foods. Don’t let family members slip your pet a lot of fatty table scraps, either.

Sun Safety

It’s a good bet your furry companion will be spending a lot of time out in the sun this holiday. Make sure he stays properly hydrated with plenty of fresh, cool water, and provide a shady spot for him to cool off under. You might even try a pet-specific sunscreen to apply to exposed skin, like that on the tip of the nose or edges of the ears. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Local Fireworks

Tempting as it may be to bring your dog along to the local fireworks display, it’s best to leave him home. Many pets run away on the Fourth because they’re frightened of the loud booms and bright flashes. Keeping your pet in a secured area at home is the best way to make sure he doesn’t get lost.

Home Fireworks

If you’re going to be setting off sparklers or firecrackers in your driveway as part of your Independence Day celebrations, make sure your pet is secured a safe distance away. These products present a burn hazard to pets, and they contain harmful chemicals like arsenic. Restrict your pet’s access at all times.

Matches and Lighter Fluid

Don’t leave matches or lighter fluid sitting out where pets could get a paw in them. Certain matches contain harmful chemicals, and lighter fluid will upset the stomach and irritate the skin.

These aren’t the only great ways to ensure your pet’s safety this holiday—call your Diamond Bar veterinarian to find out about more!

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