Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Do you and your family enjoy a day at the beach? Your dog probably does too! If you plan on bringing your canine companion to the shore with you this year, follow these safety guidelines from a Walnut veterinary professional.

Constant Supervision

Rule number one when your dog is at the beach: keep a watchful eye on her at all times. You never know what sort of trouble she might get into while playing in the sand, exploring the dunes, or stepping into the waves. Also remember to restrict her access to other beach-goers—not everyone on the beach loves your dog as much as you! Ask other visitors if they wouldn’t mind your dog saying hello.


When your dog gets thirsty at the beach, she may simply drink out of the ocean that’s in front of her. The salt water isn’t good for her stomach, though, so it’s important that you bring fresh water for her to drink. Put some in a bottle just for your dog and let her sip from it periodically.

Safety in the Water

When your dog is ready to go for a swim, you should go in with her. Even dogs that are great swimmers may be taken aback by the feeling of ocean currents and waves. Don’t venture far out into the water, and make sure you’re swimming in a zone that allows pets.

Pet Sunscreen

We aren’t the only ones who need to lather up for a long beach day. Dogs can get sunburnt too, especially on exposed skin areas like the edges of the ears and nose tip. Visit your local pet store or vet’s office to pick up a dog-formulated sunscreen. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a good product.

The Rinse

Once beach day is over, your job isn’t quite done. Don’t forget to rinse out your dog’s coat completely with fresh water. Salt from the ocean and sand from the beach will irritate your dog’s skin if you leave it in the coat.

Consult your Walnut veterinarian for more helpful beach safety tips to make sure your next trip to the ocean is fun for the whole family!

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