Fun Ways to Exercise Your Cat

While cats, like any pet, need their exercise, it’s not always easy to get them moving. If you need help getting your cat active, try these fun methods from a Diamond Bar vet.

Laser Lights

Cat-specific laser lights are available at many pet supply stores. These devices shine a light when you press a button, often in the shape of an enticing insect or rodent. Most cats will go wild trying to chase down the light, getting great exercise in the process! Make sure you don’t shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, though, as retinal damage could result.

Jungle Gyms

Cat jungle gym structures are another great way to get cats exercising. Most have multiple platforms and built-in toys, which cats love romping around with. You might even try sprinkling a bit of catnip on the structure to get your cat to use it.

The Great Outdoors

Think the outdoors is only for dogs? Think again! Many cats can be successfully trained to walk on a harness and leash. Or, you may try setting up a fenced-in enclosure in the backyard exclusively for your cat. They may very well love watching the wildlife and darting after flying insects.

Play Dates

Do you have a relative or good friend with a cat? If they’re both friendly, you might try setting up a play date. Many cats will romp around with each other for hours, getting great exercise as they’re doing so. Just make sure both cats are up-to-date on all vaccinations, and that they each have their claws recently trimmed. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on both pets for the duration of the play date.

Cat Toys

Of course, classic cat toys are still a great way to entice your cat into exercising. Even if you don’t have toys from a pet store or vet’s office, just about all cats will go wild for a piece of string dangling in front of them. Make sure you don’t leave the string lying on the floor once playtime is over, though. If a cat swallows it, it might cause intestinal blockage and other health concerns.

Your cat’s exercise is important. If you would like to discover other fun ways to get your feline friend moving, ask your Diamond Bar veterinarian for even more suggestions.

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