Your Sleepy Kitty

If you share your Diamond Bar home with a kitty, chances are, your feline roommate probably spends a good deal of her time sleeping. If there is one thing cats take seriously, it’s their naptimes. Fluffy might doze on the couch for a bit, then nap on your bed, then fall asleep in her favorite sunbeam, then sprawl out in an armchair. After that, it might be time for her to snuggle up on your lap, before finally settling into bed with you.

On average, cats sleep a whopping 15 hours a day. Some kitties even sleep 20 hours a day. There is a reasonable explanation for this, at least, to an extent. Kitty was a predator when she lived in the wild, and could burn a lot of energy very quickly while hunting. Sleep is necessary for her to recharge after all that pouncing, running, and stalking. That said, we’re not quite sure that cats actually need all 15 hours of sleep, but, well, try explaining that to Fluffy, and she’ll probably yawn and doze off again.

Cats have a rather amazing capacity for sleeping in unusual positions and places. The internet is full of cats sound asleep in ways that don’t look like they could possibly be comfortable. The word ‘pretzel’ comes to mind. Kitties are able to sleep hanging off things, squished into things, on top of one another, on ledges, on the ground, on the floor, in casserole dishes, in boxes, sinks and suitcases, on top of horses, cars, dogs, and furniture … the list is endless. Actually, if you name any random object, chances are, at some point in history a cat has probably slept on it.

Kitties experience different types of sleep. If your furball’s ears are twitching while she naps, then she is in the lighter type of sleep. One interesting thing to note: cats do continue to process both scents and sounds while sleeping in this state. Cats that are sound asleep are in a deeper state of slumber. Kitties do dream during this stage of sleep. Many people have wondered what their furry buddies are dreaming about, but we suspect that is one question that will elude scientists for years to come.

There are few animals as full of mystery, quirks, and curious habits as our feline friends, and few things as adorable as a sleeping cat. Perhaps they sleep so much as a way to remind us that we need to take time to recharge too. After all, if there is one thing our feline friends know how to do, it’s relax.

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