How to Keep Your Iguana Happy

Iguanas are quite interesting creatures. They are independent from the time they hatch, and are designed to be quite serious about finding food and shelter, and dozing in the sun. If you have one of these beautiful, scaled animals in your Walnut home, you have a very fascinating pet. Iguanas may not be as playful or expressive as dogs or cats, but that doesn’t mean your iguana can’t enjoy itself. While playful behavior in iguanas is very different from that of a cat or dog, iguanas are perfectly capable of having some fun, or at the very least, enjoying themselves.

Here are a few things your iguana might enjoy:


Iguanas need to spend a certain amount of time in water, and you might very well find that your lizard likes bath time. Be sure to get the water to the right temperature, and give your iguana regular tub time. It’s good for them, both physically and mentally, to be able to float and swim. If you have a pool of your own, you can let your iguana swim there, though we do suggest doing so when you have a friend or family member around, so there is someone there to help you catch your buddy if he decides to make a run for it.


Some iguanas seem to enjoy diving into water, climbing out, and doing it again. If you have ever noticed your iguana plunging into your bathtub, then, well, you’ve seen your iguana playing. As long as your tub is deep enough so that your little buddy can’t hurt himself, there is nothing wrong with letting your lizard practice his diving form. You may want to line the floor with towels, though, in case your lizard makes a bit of a mess with his belly flops.


Iguanas like to climb on things, so make some perches in your home for your scaled buddy. You can also try setting up some hanging ropes for your pet. Iguanas will also like climbing curtains, furniture, and potted trees. You may even find your iguana enjoys climbing you!


Iguanas are natural jumpers. They can take you a bit by surprise with their agility. Your lizard may enjoy jumping to or from hanging plants, or onto homemade climbers. Make sure to monitor your iguana, especially if it is young, so it doesn’t try to jump from a higher height than it can handle.


Iguanas have been known to ‘play’ with various toys, such as stuffed animals. Your scaled buddy may instinctively like the color green, so try getting your Walnut pet a green stuffed dinosaur.

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