Does Your Home Smell like Dog?

When you walk into your living room, the first thing you want to smell probably isn’t your pet’s odor! If your home is starting to smell a little too much like your canine companion, try these helpful hints from a Walnut vet.


Combat the odor problem at its source by grooming your dog at regular intervals. Brushing every couple of days will get rid of dead, loose hair that otherwise ends up on your carpets and furniture. Plus, it spreads your dog’s natural skin oils through the coat, keeping it shiny and healthy and cutting down on shedding. The occasional bath may help as well—pick up a dog-specific shampoo and ask your vet about the proper procedure.


Set aside time each week to vacuum the main rooms that your pet spends time in. Getting loose hair, dander, and skin flakes out of your carpet and floors will do wonders to combat odors. Try sprinkling a bit of baking soda on carpets and furniture and leaving it sit overnight, then vacuuming it up in the morning. Some vacuums are even specially-designed to pick up pet hair.


The occasional carpet shampoo may be necessary for dogs that shed a lot or are especially stinky. Some pet owners prefer to do it themselves with in-home cleaning devices, or some might opt to call the professional shampooers. Also be sure to wash your pet’s bed regularly to cut down on odor build-up.

Space Confinements

Some pet owners find success by confining their pet’s area to a specific set of rooms, or perhaps only letting them get up on one chair in the house. This way, cleaning efforts can be more tightly focused on one specific area, limiting or eliminating odors effectively. Ask your vet if this method could work for you and your pet.

Odor Neutralizers

Commercially-available odor neutralizers can also work well to get rid of odors. Air fresheners might make your home smell good for a while, but remember that these products only mask the odors instead of eliminating them completely. Ask your Walnut vet for a recommendation, and see if he or she has any further tips to get your home smelling fresh again.

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