Choosing the Right Bird

Have you decided to bring a pet bird into your Walnut home? These beautiful, musical creatures are quite enchanting, and can make wonderful pets. If you have never had a bird before, you may find it difficult trying to decide exactly what type of bird you want. There are many things to consider when choosing a pet bird. While individual birds certainly do all have their own personalities, each breed has its own characteristics as well.

Neat Birds

Smaller birds, like parakeets, finches, lovebirds, and canaries, will make less of a mess than the larger varieties of birds.

Loud Birds

If you like the sound of a bird that caws, you may enjoy conures, parrots, and cockatoos.

Talkative Birds

Keep in mind, you can’t guarantee that a bird will speak. But the birds best known for being chatty are African Grey parrots and Amazon parrots. Birds will speak more if you talk to them frequently, so remember to chat with your bird often.

Sociable Birds

While all birds need some attention, parrots and conures particularly enjoy being handled and played with, and will need interaction and attention to thrive.

Quiet Birds

Finches and canaries tend to be quiet, and are generally calm in manner.

Playful Birds

Parrots like to be cuddled and played with. Finches and canaries, on the other hand, don’t necessarily care to be handled.

Budget-Friendly Birds

Finches and canaries tend to be quite a bit cheaper to maintain than a larger bird, such as a Macaw.

Gentle Birds

Doves are quiet and peaceful, and often do very well as family pets.


If you get a bird, you really should think of it as a lifetime commitment, so the bird’s age span is also something to consider. A bird’s average lifespan will vary greatly, depending on its breed. A parakeet typically lives about eight years. Parrots often live to be about 50 years old, while doves usually live 10 to 15 years.

These are just a few things to think over when selecting a bird. When you have a breed narrowed down, do thorough research to determine if it is the right type of bird for you.

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