Create a Top-Notch Gerbil Habitat

Your new gerbil Roger has to be the luckiest rodent on the planet. You’ve given Roger a nice spacious enclosure and lots of comfy cage furnishings. You’ve even provided little Roger with a climate-controlled room. What more could this fortunate gerbil want? Well, he wants a complete physical exam and a nail trim from his Diamond Bar veterinarian, so schedule that appointment now. Read more about Roger’s ideal gerbil habitat below.

Temperature-Controlled Room

Just like you, Roger wants to live in a nice temperature-controlled setting. If you don’t have air conditioning, get Roger a temperature-controlled gerbil habitat if you can; this way, he won’t be subject to the effects of heat and/or humidity. If that’s not possible, position ice packs around Roger’s enclosure, and circulate the air with fans. Above all, you don’t want little Roger to overheat.

Luxurious, Secure Apartment

Roger will really enjoy living in a spacious, one-piece glass aquarium, rather than a cage with bars that can injure his tiny feet. Give the aquarium good ventilation and a securely sealed top, as Roger will probably try to escape at some point. Roger will appreciate you lining the aquarium with newspaper, shredded paper towels, or bedding fabricated from recycled paper. Since Roger loves to burrow, give him a nice, tempting pile of paper in one corner of his enclosure.

Designer Cage Furnishings

Next, give Roger a heavy-duty food bowl and a sipper water bottle you attach to the aquarium’s sides. Once Roger finishes chowing down on his food, he’ll want to gnaw on a chew toy designed especially for gerbils. After frenetic Roger gets tired of that game, he’ll play on his exercise ball or spin on his wheel. Make sure you choose a smooth-sided wheel so Roger doesn’t snag his feet or tail in the wheel spokes.

Squeaky-Clean Cage

Of course, giving Roger a high-end enclosure won’t mean much if you don’t keep it clean. Wash his cage weekly with hot soapy water. If you have several gerbils living in one larger enclosure, you’ll need to clean it more frequently.

Now that Roger has a super-nice habitat, turn your attention to his physical health. Your Diamond Bar vet should give Roger a twice-yearly physical exam. Remember, keeping your little gerbil healthy can help to lengthen his life with you and your family.

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