Spotlight on Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment

Your newly adopted golden retriever Sadie is about to experience her first recent grooming appointment. Sadie’s coat is pretty tangled, and her leg feathers sweep the ground when she walks. You want Sadie to look gorgeous for her upcoming appointment with her Walnut veterinarian, so she’s visiting the beauty salon tomorrow. Since this is your first experience with professional grooming services, you’re curious about Sadie’s transformation from rag-tag pooch to beautiful canine lady. Learn more about the general grooming process below.

Red Carpet Greeting

Hair salons and grooming salons are just a little different. Although Sadie has a preset appointment, she’ll likely remain at the salon for several hours. Drop off your deserving pooch exactly on schedule, and arrange to pick up your canine diva later that day.

When Sadie arrives, she’ll receive a warm welcome from the salon’s receptionist, who will ask about specific grooming instructions. If your vet has prescribed a medicated or other special shampoo, bring it along. Perhaps you don’t want water in Sadie’s ears; or you’d like her coat trimmed a certain way. Make your wishes crystal clear. Next, Sadie will be escorted to the work area, where her groomer might begin your dog’s bath preparation work; or Sadie can relax in her kennel until her turn comes up.

Preparing for That Wonderful Bath

Sadie’s pre-bath prep work begins with a thorough brushout; otherwise, her tangled coat will become a solid matted mess when it gets wet. If Sadie’s entire coat is a lost cause, the groomer might shave her down rather than cause your dog pain by attempting to remove the mats. The groomer will also trim Sadie’s nails and should clean her ears.

Anal Gland Maintenance

And now we get to an essential – though rarely discussed – grooming service: anal gland maintenance. Sadie’s groomer will place her in the tub (or position Sadie at a large-dog floor bathing station). Next, the groomer will express Sadie’s anal glands, two small fluid-packed glands that usually empty when Sadie poops. While this isn’t much fun for Sadie or the groomer, keeping Sadie’s anal glands emptied decreases the chances of future medical issues.

Canine Spa-ah-ah Treatment

Finally, Sadie gets that soothing bath she’s been waiting for. She’ll get a nice-smelling shampoo, an enjoyable massage, and a squeaky-clean rinse. Sadie’s groomer will dry your dog’s coat with a hand-held dryer or kennel dryer. Finally, Sadie will receive a good brushout and an appropriate finish clip. She might even be rewarded with a colorful bandanna and/or cologne.

When Sadie visits her Walnut vet, she’ll look confident and gorgeous. In fact, you think Sadie would make a great canine fashion model. You’ll certainly bring that up with her manager.

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