Caring for a Senior Pet

Animals are a truly amazing gift: they provide us with unconditional love and loyalty, and stand at our sides through thick and thin. Sadly, our furry friends have much shorter lifespans than we do, and therefore age much more quickly. As your pet enters his golden years, his needs may change a bit. In this article, your veterinarian Diamond Bar goes over some basic tips for caring for a senior pet.


As your pet ages, his bones will become more fragile. Get your furry friend a good orthopedic bed to ensure that he can sleep comfortably at night. If you can, get a few beds and put them in different places throughout your home so your loyal pal has options.


Getting in and out of cars, navigating stairways, and climbing off and on furniture will become more difficult on your pet as he ages. Pet ramps or stairs may help your furry friend overcome these struggles.


Exercise is crucial to helping your pet stay healthy and happy as he ages. Be careful not to overexert an aging dog; just let old Fido meander along, and take him in when he looks tired. For kitties, try to tempt your furball into play sessions. Short, frequent play sessions work best. This will keep her mind stimulated, and help keep her moving as well.


Talk to your vet about changing your pet to a senior formula of pet food. You’ll want to be careful not to overfeed a senior pet, because extra pounds can really be detrimental to your furbaby’s health. Your furry buddy may also benefit from certain vitamins and supplements, such as fish oil.


Geriatric pets often develop many of the same conditions as senior humans do. Diabetes, heart problems, kidney issues, dementia, and weakness are often found in our furry companions as they age. Keep a close eye on your furball and watch for any unusual behavior or symptoms of sickness.


Your pet’s golden years are a special time. Senior pets are just as cute as baby animals in their own way. One thing that will remain unchanged as your beloved pet ages is his love for you. Treasure the time spent with your loyal friend, and make sure he feels safe, comfortable, and loved.

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