Budget-Friendly DIY Bird Toys

Do you share your home with a pet bird? These colorful, charming animals do very well as pets, if given proper care. Like any other pet that is housed in a cage, our feathered friends need stimulation and entertainment to keep from getting bored. Pet stores offer a plethora of cute and fun bird toys, but you can save money by making your own. Many common household items can be repurposed into toys for birds. In this article, your Diamond Bar veterinarian lists some budget-friendly DIY bird toys.


Take a sock and roll it into a ball, and then roll its partner around it, so that the socks form a little ball. Voila! You now have a safe, easy-to-wash toy for Polly!

Egg Cartons

A simple egg carton can be lots of fun for your winged buddy. Hide a small treat or toy in each cup, then close the lid and give it to your pet. Polly will be entertained for quite a while getting all those goodies out of the carton. Just don’t let her eat the container!

Toilet Paper

You can make a fun, inexpensive bird toy simply by braiding long strips of toilet paper, and then tying the ‘rope’ into knots.

Phone Books

Do you have an unused phone book in a cupboard or drawer? Turn it into a fun toy for Polly by punching holes in it and running a string through it. Hang it in your pet’s cage. Your winged pal will have a blast tearing it to shreds!

Odds N’ Ends

You might be surprised at how many common household items can amuse your bird. Game chips, wooden thread spools, Ping-Pong balls, and even plastic bottle caps can all make great bird toys. Pen caps, crumpled balls of paper, toilet paper rolls, and even measuring cup sets can also be repurposed into playthings for your winged buddy.

Always put safety first when giving your bird toys. Never give your feathered pal anything that could cut or choke her, or anything coated in toxic stains or varnishes. Rope and string toys can be dangerous for birds, so don’t let Polly play with them unsupervised. Also, be careful with plastic, as some birds will eat it, which can be quite dangerous!

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