Is Fostering an Animal Right For You?

Have you ever considered fostering? Fostering can be a great way for kind souls to help animals in need. Whether it’s providing a place for an animal to grow and become healthy before becoming available for adoption, or caring for the pet of someone who is deployed in the military, fostering helps thousands of pets yearly. Fostering isn’t right for everyone, however, so you’ll want to think things over carefully before making a decision. Below, your Diamond Bar vet lists some things to consider before deciding to foster a pet.

You Can Afford It

Some shelters and organizations can help with the costs of fostering, but this isn’t always the case. Many animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal welfare agencies have very limited resources, and simply can’t afford to foot the entire cost of fostering. Make sure you know what expenses are involved, and that you can afford to spend the extra money.

You Have Experience With Pets

Fostering an animal isn’t recommended for first timers. You’ll need to be able to monitor your furry pal for any signs of sickness or unusual behavior, and know when to call the vet. The experience of having had pets before will be invaluable here.

You Have Time To Devote

If your schedule is super packed, and your appointment calendar is full, this may not be a good time to foster an animal. Make sure you can spend time with your little buddy.

You Can Keep Your Own Furbabies Separate

If you have pets of your own, you may need to keep them away from your furry charge. Make sure your living arrangements are able to accommodate your new friend, and that you can house your fostered furball in a separate room if needed.

You Can Say Goodbye

This is a hard one, and the reason many people decide against fostering. Chances are, you’re going to become quite attached to your furry ward, and your four-legged pal will also feel the bond. Think long and hard about whether you’ll be able to let go when the time comes to say goodbye.

Do you have any questions about caring for your pet? Please contact us, your local Diamond Bar vet clinic, for all of your pet care needs. We are here to provide the best veterinary services possible!

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