Your Cat’s Paws

Does your cat sometimes leave pawprints around the house or on your car? Fluffy’s little paws are one of her most adorable features. Those cute little feet of hers are also crucial to her health and survival. Read some fun facts about cats’ paws in this article from your Walnut veterinarian.

Paw Pads

Fluffy’s paw pads cushion her bones from impacts and protect her from rough terrain, but they are not impervious. On the contrary, Kitty’s paw pads are very sensitive to temperatures, and are loaded with nerve endings that give her information about prey and terrain. They also help her regulate her temperature, as cats only sweat through their paw pads. It may also interest you to know that the glands in Fluffy’s paw pads help her leave her scent on things she’s scratched. Other kitties can pick up these scents, and gather information from them. The next time she uses your furniture for a manicure set, think of it as kitty graffiti, in a way.


Don’t you love settling down with a good book or movie and your kitty snuggled up in your lap? This is a great way to relax … at least, until Kitty starts kneading. Don’t worry; Fluffy isn’t trying to torture you when she starts ‘making biscuits’. Actually, kneading is a sign that your cat thinks of you as her human ‘parent’. Kittens knead while they are nursing, as it stimulates milk flow. Not all of our feline friends knead, though, so don’t feel bad if yours doesn’t. If Fluffy kneads really hard, put a towel on your lap so you don’t get scratched.


Scratching is a common complaint among people who are owned by cats. Fluffy isn’t intentionally being destructive when she claws at your belongings. This is a purely instinctive behavior. Those sharp little nails were crucial to Kitty’s survival in the wild. They helped her hunt and climb to safety, and were her main defense against predators and other cats. It’s no wonder that our feline friends are so diligent about keeping their claws in shape! Don’t punish your cat for scratching. Instead, provide proper scratching equipment, and reward her for using it. If that doesn’t work, try using claw covers, or trimming her nails.

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