Why Your Cat Seems to Dislike His Litter Box

Your cat Calvin is the most regimented feline you’ve ever met. This five-year-old orange tabby chows down on meals at the same time every day. Afterward, he plays with his cat toys and takes a long nap on his plush bed. He also has his litter box routine down pat. Several times daily, Calvin pads into the container and completes his business with little fuss. Recently, however, your super-reliable cat has deposited several foul-smelling urine puddles on your laminate floor. You’re concerned about a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, your feline housemate will visit your Walnut vet for a physical exam and behavioral counseling.

Medical Malady

Your vet wants to rule out a medical problem. He’ll probably begin with a urinalysis, and might request blood work and/or other tests. After studying the results, he’ll make a diagnosis and design a treatment plan, if necessary.

Seized by Stress

Perhaps Calvin keeps mentally replaying a stressful incident. If he has memories of a past urinary problem, he could somehow link the box to that uncomfortable occurrence. Since he values his privacy, he might be frustrated that he must conduct his important personal business around your other cats.

He also despises anything that interrupts his comforting daily routine. If you’ve brought home a new pet, or caused even a small household disruption, he might be expressing his displeasure. From his perspective, you’ve ignored his meowed objections. To get your attention, he must do something dramatic.

Litter Box Woes

The litter box could be the culprit. Since Calvin’s a pudgy cat, he might find it difficult to maneuver inside the compact, space-saving container. If he was an older guy with mobility issues, the box’s higher sides might cause him problems.

If you’ve recently changed cat litter brands, the new variety might feature a different texture and scent. To signal that he hates it, your cat refuses to go near that objectionable substance. He could also be annoyed that he must wade through a chest-high pile of stinky pellets. He’d prefer a two-inch-deep layer. Worst of all, he could be shaming you into doing a better job of box maintenance.

After your Walnut vet pinpoints the cause of Calvin’s antics, he’ll address an emerging medical condition. He’ll provide advice on resolving litter box-related problems. If your cat’s elimination behaviors have changed, contact us for expert advice.

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