Fido’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever caught your dog looking embarrassed? We know that Man’s Best Friend can feel emotions, such as love, fear, loyalty, protectiveness, joy, and anxiety. The jury is still out on whether or not our canine buddies can feel embarrassment, but photos, videos, and stories seem to suggest that they do. Below are some of Fido’s most embarrassing moments, as presented by your local Walnut, CA veterinary clinic.

The Time The Cat Stole His Bed

Fido might be much bigger than Fluffy, but that doesn’t mean his feline friend is at all intimidated by his size. In fact, your kitty may dominate her canine sibling! Fluffy has been known to nonchalantly sprawl out for a nap in Fido’s bed, and refuse to budge, even when he asks politely. Poor puppy!

The Lampshade

Elizabethan cones, often jokingly called ‘lampshades’, can be very important to your pup’s health. If your pooch ever injures himself or has surgery, these protective devices will keep him from chewing or licking his wounds or stitches. If your vet recommends a cone for your dog, be sure to follow his advice. That said, Fido seems to know he can sometimes look a bit comical wearing the ‘lampshade’!

The Bad Haircut

If you’ve ever gotten a bad haircut, you can sympathize with this one. Some dogs seem to act shy and embarrassed after being clipped. If Fido has a heavy coat, he may very well feel ‘naked’ after a close clipping. If you think your pup hated his haircut, talk to your groomer about other options that won’t leave him feeling uneasy.


Let us preface this section by urging all of our clients to be very careful when dressing dogs. Never put Fido in clothes that are too hot, tight, or restricting, or that have small pieces or hanging strings that could choke him. Also, keep your pooch’s personality in mind when choosing outfits. Some canines seem to enjoy dressing up, while others are clearly uncomfortable in clothes. Weather protection is one thing, but don’t dress Fido up for fun if he hates it. That said, Man’s Best Friend has certainly sported some hilarious outfits for Halloween. He’s been a spider, a cave man, a taco, a hot dog, a lion, and even spaghetti and meatballs!

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