Things Cats Will Never Tell Us

And no cat, anywhere, ever gave anyone a straight answer. – Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Do you have a cat? If so, it’s probably safe to say you have a few cute stories to tell about your furry little buddy. Kitties have many amusing habits and adorable quirks. Our feline friends also have their fair share of secrets! In this article, a Walnut, CA veterinarian discusses some things cats will never tell us.

Why They Are So Obsessed With Boxes

Scientists have been scratching their heads over this one for years. Theoretically, Fluffy’s box obsession might have something to do with the fact that cats feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. However, this theory doesn’t hold up to photos of kitties stuffing themselves into boxes that are clearly several sizes too small! Lions, tigers, and other big kitties share this obsession with their smaller feline cousins: they just need bigger boxes!

Why They Smack Things Off Tables

Does your kitty ever sit on the coffee table and deliberately knock things onto the floor? No one is entirely certain why kitties do this. It could have something to do with Fluffy’s habit of toying with her prey. Or, it could just mean your furball is bored and wants attention. We may find out the truth someday, but in the meantime, you may want to keep breakables out of the reach of those cute little paws!

Why They Chatter At Birds

Does your feline friend sometimes makes some interesting sounds when she’s watching birds? This is another kitty mystery. This chittering, clucking noise isn’t a normal part of kitty vocabulary: cats usually only make these clacking sounds when they see birds.

Why They Interrupt Reading Time

Does your furball have a habit of sprawling out on a book or magazine you’re trying to read? Is this a demand for attention? A request to read more cat stories? Is your kitty trying to tell you that she knows more than any book or article? We may never know!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kitty mysteries. Our feline friends are also keeping quiet about why they follow us into bathrooms and why they hate car rides, just to name a few!

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