Signs That Your Cat is Sick

Cats have always been a little bit mysterious. To be honest, we’ll probably never know why our feline friends do certain things, like smacking small objects off tables or chattering at birds. Kitties are particularly secretive about being sick. In the wild, Fluffy could attract the attention of dangerous predators by showing signs of weakness. Therefore, kitties learned to instinctively hide the fact that they’re not feeling well. This can make it very difficult for pet parents to recognize illness, because cats may not show symptoms until they’re very ill. A Diamond Bar, CA vet lists some signs of illness in kitties below.

Bad Fur Day

Cats take their beauty rituals very seriously. Fluffy may spend hours grooming herself each day. But, just like people, kitties don’t always keep up with their regular habits when they’re ill. As a result, sick cats often have matted, greasy, or unkempt fur.

Antisocial Behavior

While it isn’t unusual for a cat to curl up in a quiet, secluded spot for a nap, Fluffy should emerge when she gets hungry. If your kitty is nowhere to be seen when it’s time for her supper, or just doesn’t want to leave her chosen hiding spot, she could be sick.

Lack of Appetite

Healthy animals have healthy appetites. If your furball isn’t eating, she could be ill. We know, cats can be finicky, but even if Fluffy disapproves of her supper menu, she should still show some interest in her food, and perhaps meow for something different.

Change in Behavior

Kitties are very much creatures of habit. Any change in Fluffy’s usual routines, behavior, or personality can be a red flag. For instance, if your cat is usually quiet, and then suddenly starts meowing incessantly, she may be sick.

Litterbox Woes

We know it isn’t anyone’s favorite part of being a cat servant, but keeping Fluffy’s litterbox clean is very important. Keep an eye out for any changes in the color, amount, or appearance of her waste, as these can indicate sickness. Also, if you ever see your furball straining to urinate, call your vet immediately: this can be a sign of a very serious medical emergency.

If your cat ever shows any of these symptoms, or for more information on signs of sickness in cats, contact us, your Diamond Bar, CA veterinary clinic, right away. We’re here to help!

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