Tips for Grooming Your Cat

Cats have many wonderful qualities that make them such beloved pets. Fluffy is not only super cute and lovable, she’s also very independent. Your feline friend will discretely use a litterbox to do her business, and will carefully groom herself every day. However, even though cats are very clean, they can use a little help with their beauty rituals. Below, a Walnut, CA vet discusses grooming your cat.

Benefits of Grooming Fluffy

Cats takes their beauty regimens very seriously. Fluffy may spend hours carefully cleaning herself to keep that pretty coat soft and shiny. Inevitably, kitties swallow some of their own fur during these grooming sessions. We probably don’t have to tell you what happens next, but suffice it to say, it isn’t pretty! Brushing your cat will trap that dead fur in a brush before she can swallow it, and will therefore reduce the amount of hairballs she produces. It will also keep your feline friend’s coat healthy, and is great for her circulation. Plus, this is a wonderful way to bond and spend time with your pet!


When brushing your cat, pick a time when your furry friend is feeling relaxed. (Given that kitties spend so much time asleep, this shouldn’t be hard!) Brush in the direction of Fluffy’s fur, and offer compliments and cuddles to activate the purr. When your furball decides she’s had enough, let her go, and continue on another day.


While it isn’t absolutely necessary to bathe your kitty, some people do like to wash their cats. As long as your vet doesn’t object, it’s perfectly fine to bathe Fluffy. Just be sure to put your furball’s safety first. Use lukewarm, not hot water, and choose only products that made for kitties. Be careful not to bathe your pet too often: too many baths can strip the oils from your feline pal’s coat, and leave her looking frizzy! Ask your vet for specific advice.

Long-Haired Cats

Do you have a super-fluffy cat? If so, your feline buddy may need regular grooming. Long-haired kitties tend to get tangles in their armpits and around their bottoms, so pay extra attention to these spots. You may also want to trim the fur on Fluffy’s behind, so it doesn’t get matted or tangled.

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