Holiday Presents for Pets

Have you decided what to get your pet this year? Our furred, feathered, and scaled friends all make wonderful animal companions. Pets keep us smiling with their cute faces and adorable antics, provide us with unconditional love and friendship, and help make our houses into homes. In this article, a Diamond Bar, CA veterinarian lists some great suggestions for holiday gifts for pets.


Fido is actually pretty easy to shop for. It really isn’t hard to get that cute tail wagging! New toys are always a great gift for pooches. Your canine buddy may also enjoy a new doghouse or pet bed. For older pooches, pet ramps or elevated dishes can also make your pup’s day extra-special.


There are lots of cute gifts you can get for Fluffy. A comfy new bed is one great way to activate the purr. Your feline friend may also enjoy getting some fun new toys to bat under the couch. Try something different, like catnip bubbles, robotic mice, or an automated laser pointer. Some other great gift options for kitties are pet furniture, scratching posts, window seats, and cat grass. Of course, cats are also often delighted with plain cardboard boxes. Consider making your furry pal her own little box castle.


Polly is a very charming and delightful little pet. If your colorful buddy could use a little more room, consider getting her a bigger birdcage. A cage upgrade is a wonderful present for your feathered friend! You can also pamper your bird with new toys, swings, perches, or cuttlebones.

Pocket Pets, Exotics, and Reptiles

Pocket pets, exotics, and reptiles are super cute, and definitely deserve a little something special. Bigger habitats make great gifts for these pets. You can also give your pint-sized pal a new hidey-hole, toys, or cage accessories. These guys all have their own care requirements, so ask your vet for specific suggestions.

All Pets

If there’s one thing our animal companions have in common, it’s a love of snacks. Treats make terrific gifts for any pet! Just be sure to only offer your little buddy only safe, suitable treats. Many people foods are not safe for pets. Every animal has different nutritional needs, so ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Happy holidays! Please contact us, your Diamond Bar, CA vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We provide top-notch care!

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