Meet the Bengal

Did you know that there are over 70 breeds of cats? Different cat breeder associations may vary a bit on the official number, but they do agree on one thing: there are many different types of kitties, and they are all quite lovable! However, one furball that is definitely quite unique is the Bengal. In this article, a Diamond Bar, CA vet introduces you to this adorable cat.


Bengals are considered an exotic breed. These cute, charismatic kitties originated through cross-breeding domestic cats with the Asian Leopard Cat. The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983.


Bengals can be a bit larger than some domestic kitties, though this isn’t always the case. They have lovely coats, which often look quite a bit like the coats of their bigger cousins, like tigers and leopards. These kitties gorgeous markings, which can range from spots to rosettes to stripes. Some Bengals’ fur seems to sparkle a bit in the sun: these are sometimes called ‘glitter coats.’ Bengals are typically not heavy shedders, and will require only occasional brushings.


This is where Bengals really stand out. These cute kitties may have missed a memo or two about proper cat behavior, because many of their behavioral traits are similar to those found in dogs! For instance, Bengals love water. If you have one of these frisky furballs, you may find that your pet loves to play with her water dish. Your kitty may even hop into the tub or sink! Bengals also sometimes like to play ‘fetch’ and bring their toys to their owners to throw. They often do well with being leash-trained, and many of them love to go for walks.


If you have a Bengal, you’ll need to provide your cute pet with lots of toys, and play with her regularly. These active, playful kitties love climbing to high places, and enjoy batting toys around. They need lots of attention, and can become very attached to their owners. Bengals are often very vocal, and sometimes like to ‘talk’ at their humans. They also are quite fascinated by birds, and love to watch them or ‘chatter’ at them.

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