Helping Your New Bird Adjust

Have you recently decided to bring a feathered buddy into your home? Congratulations! Birds are very cute, and they really make charming and adorable pets. Polly is very small and fragile, so to get things started off on the right wing, you’ll want to make your home as safe, welcoming, and bird-friendly as possible. Read on as a Walnut, CA vet offers tips on helping your winged friend settle in.

Cage Setup

Polly will spend a lot of time in her cage, so it’s definitely something to splurge on. Get the biggest cage you can afford, and add lots of perches and fun toys. Choosing the right place for your birdcage is almost as important as the cage itself. Polly may feel most secure in a corner. Most birds are happiest in a spot where they can see and hear their humans, but aren’t surrounded by a lot of activity. Avoid putting your cute pet in direct sunlight; near fans, vents, or air ducts; or in a loud spot, such as in front of the TV. You also want to keep your feathered friend away from the kitchen: cooking fumes can be very dangerous to birds! Do plenty of research, and ask your vet for more information.

Veterinary Care

Schedule an appointment with your vet right away. A thorough exam is in order, so that any medical issues can be addressed quickly. While you’re there, get some professional advice on Polly’s diet and care needs. If you’re a first-time bird owner, ask for specific recommendations on birdproofing, safe and suitable toys, and signs of sickness to watch for.

Let Polly Get Used To You

Don’t try to handle your new pet right away. It may be tempting to try to play with Polly, but right now it’s much more important to gain her trust. Never reach in and grab your feathered pal: this can be very scary to birds, and could make your winged pal afraid of you. Just give your colorful buddy time to settle in and get used to you. Pull a comfy chair up near your bird’s cage, and sit there to read or watch TV. With love, patience, and lots of TLC, your tiny friend will soon feel much more at ease.

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your Walnut, CA animal clinic, anytime! We’re here to help!

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