Puppyproofing Tips

Are you adopting a puppy? Congratulations! You’re certainly in for some super cute and heartwarming moments with your adorable new pet. Puppy parenting isn’t just about getting cuddles and tail wags, however. Baby dogs are basically four-legged, furry bundles of mischief! Little Fido is very curious by nature, and he has a habit of trying to learn about things by tasting them. This can be very dangerous, so you’ll need to take some precautions to keep your frisky little pet safe. In this article, a Diamond Bar, CA vet offers some puppyproofing advice.


Store household chemicals; medicines; and anything else that could be poisonous to your canine buddy in a secure, childproof cabinet. Toxic plants are one big concern. You can find a list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website here.

Small/Sharp Objects

Sharp and/or small objects should be kept in a secure area, where your four-legged friend can’t reach them. This includes things like pen caps, jewelry, beads, buttons, safety pins, coins, batteries, fishhooks, craft and sewing kit pieces, small toys, and, well, anything you wouldn’t want your furry pal eating. Ask your vet for more information.


Plastic grocery bags can be very dangerous for our canine companions! Plastic wrappers and ties should also be kept away from those little paws.

Wires and Cords

Secure or protect all wires and cords. You don’t want little Fido chewing on a live wire or pulling a lamp down onto himself! Drape cords can also be dangerous to a curious pooch.


Make sure to use trashcans with secure tops. Garbage can contain many dangerous items, such as bones, food wrappers, and can lids.


Keep socks, nylons, underwear, washcloths, dishcloths, children’s wear, and other small pieces of clothing or material out of your canine pal’s reach. These things can be serious choking hazards to puppies!

Kitty Litter

As you may know, dogs have a tendency to think of Fluffy’s powder room as, well, a snack bar. If you have a kitty, make sure Fido can’t access the litterbox. A cat door will work if you have a larger dog. For smaller pups, try using a baby gate. Put a stepping stool beside it to help your feline buddy jump over it.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? We’re here to help! Contact us, your Diamond Bar, CA animal clinic, anytime.

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