Helping Your New Cat Settle In

It’s Adopt A Cat Month! Have you recently adopted a kitty? Or, perhaps more accurately, has a cat adopted you? Our feline friends make wonderful pets, and they truly help make our houses into homes. However, changing residences can be very stressful for cats, so you want to take some steps to make the change as smooth as possible for your new pet. Read on as a Diamond Bar, CA vet offers some helpful tips on getting Fluffy settled in.

Shopping List

Before bringing Fluffy home, you’ll need to get some basic kitty supplies. Your list should include bedding, toys, treats, food, dishes, and a carrier. Your furball will appreciate some pet furniture, such as a cat tower. You’ll also need to pick up a litterbox and litter. (Note: if you’re adopting a kitten, avoid clay and clumping litters for now: they aren’t safe for baby cats.) Put these things in a quiet back room, so your furry buddy has a comfy, quiet spot to relax and settle in.

Veterinary Care

A trip to the vet is definitely in order, so you’ll want to make an appointment ASAP. Fluffy will need a thorough exam. If your pet isn’t microchipped and spayed or neutered, you’ll also need to schedule these procedures. It’s also important to stay current with your furball’s vaccinations, and parasite control. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Make sure your cat is getting good, nutritious food. If you know what your feline buddy has been eating, get that same brand at first. To avoid upsetting your kitty’s cute furry tummy, make dietary changes slowly, and only after consulting your vet.

Other Pets

If you have other furkids, make introductions slowly and carefully, over the course of several days. First impressions are a big deal to kitties! Don’t leave your furry friends together unsupervised until you are sure they are getting along. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Cats are rather sleepy little furballs, but Fluffy may be extra tired after the stress of going to a new home. Make sure your kitty has lots of comfy sleeping spots. Don’t force attention on your new pet: just focus on offering her treats, playtime, and great care. You’ll have your furball purring in no time!

Please contact us, your Diamond Bar, CA animal hospital, anytime. We are here to help!

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