Holiday Tips for People With Nervous Cats

Do you have a scaredy cat for a pet? If so, you’re not alone. While some of our feline pals are bold and fearless, others are quite bashful. After all, kitties are very small and vulnerable! The holidays can be quite busy, so you may want to take a few precautions to keep your cat happy, healthy, and purring over the next few weeks. Read on as a local Diamond Bar, CA vet offers holiday tips for people with nervous kitties.

Provide Safe Hiding Places

Cats often feel safest in small, secure places, so it’s important to make sure your furball always has somewhere to go if she feels threatened. Make sure your kitty has at least one good hiding spot in every room. Cat towers with enclosed levels are great, but you can also offer Fluffy a pet tent or tipi, or a little box castle. Even a spot behind a bookcase will do.

Make A Kitty Retreat

If you have a spare room, put your kitty in there with toys, food and water, a litterbox, and comfy bedding. Turn a radio or TV on for background noise. That way, Fluffy can have a safe place to relax and snooze.

Play With Your Cat

Did you know that playing with your cat is one of the best things you can do for her? A fun session of Pounce on the Feather Toy will burn off your feline friend’s excess energy. Give your kitty her dinner when playtime is over. Afterwards, Fluffy will be calmer and quieter, and, hopefully, ready for a nice, long nap.

Visit The Vet

If your furball has only recently started acting shy, call your vet and schedule a thorough exam ASAP. Cats often withdraw when they don’t feel well, so it’s important to rule out potential medical issues. If your feline buddy gets the all-clear, you know you have a fearful pet, rather than a sick one.

Try Cat-Calming Products

If Fluffy is extremely anxious, ask your vet about using cat-calming products, like treats and collars. These can help your kitty relax during stressful or busy times, such as holiday parties or the dreaded car ride.

All of us here at All Pets Medical & Surgical Center, your Diamond Bar, CA pet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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