Fun Facts About Cats

Did you know that cats can be right-pawed or left-pawed, just as people are right-handed or left-handed? Our feline pals are certainly chock full of adorable traits and quirks! Read on as a local Diamond Bar, CA vet lists some interesting facts you may not know about Fluffy.

A Group of Cats

Although most people would refer to a group of cats as, well, a group of cats, the official name for a cluster of kitties is a clowder.

Magic Purrs

Fluffy’s purr certainly is one of the cutest things about her. Cats actually vibrate with happiness! Actually, kitty purrs are truly special. Fluffy’s little motor runs at 20 to 140 Hz, a frequency range which has been shown to help promote healing.

That Little Nose

Does Fluffy ever turn that cute little nose up at the food you put in her bowl? Cats actually will refuse anything that smells even a little off. This is because kitties always eat their prey fresh in the wild. That little nose is actually quite remarkable. Fluffy can smell up to 14 times better than people can. Another interesting fact about your kitty’s nose? Cats have unique noseprints. Just like human fingerprints, each one is different.

Sleepy Pets

Our feline pals are super cute when they are sound asleep. Fluffy actually sleeps about 2/3rds of the time, or about 16 hours a day, on average. However, your drowsy pet will nap more when she is a kitten, and also as a senior. She’ll also get extra sleepy when it’s rainy or dreary out.


Cats have some adorable—and interesting—ways of showing affection. Head butts, leg rubs, kneading, meowing, and slow blinking are just a few of the ways kitties profess their love. Your furball may also follow you around, sleep on top of your head, bite you, or flip over for a belly rub.

The Cat’s Meow

Did you know that kitties may have started meowing just so they could talk to their humans? Adult cats rarely meow at one another. They mostly meow to give their people specific orders. Apparently, it didn’t take Fluffy long to figure out that meowing is a pretty easy way to wrap her people around her paws!

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