Veterinarian In Diamond Bar, CA

Veterinarian In Diamond Bar, CA

Are you looking for a reputable veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA? All Pets Medical & Surgical Center has been serving your friendly pets in Southern California since 1995. Our veterinarians offer a full range of services from diseases of the skin and ear, vomiting and diarrhea, cancer, pet dentistry, pain free spays and neuters, animal diabetes, vaccinations, boarding, grooming and many others.

Furthermore, our veterinarians at All Pets Medical & Surgical Center ensure your geriatric animals live pain free and beyond the average life expectancy.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery
All Pets Medical & Surgical Center provides assistance on fractures, ligament tears, dislocations, and congenital defects.

As it pertains to animal fractures; on occasion dogs and cats run into the street and are hit by a vehicle. In the event that this happens, its vital that you rush your pet to our animal hospital in Pomona for immediate surgery. Our veterinarians have years of experience working with pets who are in danger of losing their lives.

On occasion, pets can run or jump too often and end up with a ligament tear. Pet ligament tears are relatively frequent, but fortunately Dr. Beighlie and Dr. Mintzer have forty years of helping your friendly pet recover from its ligament injuries.
Pet Gastrointestinal Surgery.

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