Household Dangers for Pet Birds

Have you recently adopted a bird? Our feathered friends may be small, but they have big personalities! Polly is very intelligent and playful, so to keep her happy, you’ll need to give her free time out of her cage every day. However, you’ll need to do some birdproofing to make your home safe for your pet. A Diamond Bar, CA vet offers some helpful birdproofing tips below.


Fans are one of the biggest hazards to birds. Your cute pet could get seriously injured, or even killed, if she flies into a fan! Always make sure your fans are turned off before letting Polly out to play.


Birds don’t always recognize windows and mirrors as barriers. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for our feathered buddies to hurt themselves by flying into windows or mirrors. Use window treatments and hanging plants to help Polly identify windows and mirrors as no-fly zones. Just be sure to choose window treatments that won’t entangle your colorful pal.


Human medicines are not safe for our animal companions! Be sure to keep both OTC and prescription medicine in cabinets your winged buddy can’t reach.


Lawn/garden products, such as fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, rodenticides, and other chemicals are very dangerous to pet birds. Cleaning agents are also unsafe. Store these things in secure spots.


Birds have extremely sensitive lungs. Many fumes or vapors that are unnoticeable—or even pleasant—to us can be very dangerous to Polly. Scented candles, perfumes, aerosols, air fresheners, essential oil burners, and potpourri burners are all hazardous to our feathered pals. Cigarette smoke, fumes from household cleaners, automotive products, paint, and other chemicals are also dangerous. Cooking fumes are another concern. Many types of modern cookware give off vapors that are safe for us, but highly toxic to birds.


Did you know that most birds can’t swim? Polly could get into serious trouble in just a few inches of water! Full sinks, open toilets, fish tanks without lids, and even pots of water are all hazardous to your colorful little pet.

Small/Sharp Items

Beads, buttons, tacks, sewing needles, and safety pins can all endanger your winged pal. Many plastic items are also dangerous, as they are easily broken into smaller pieces.

Do you have questions about birdproofing? Please call us, your Diamond Bar, CA veterinary hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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