Signs That Your Cat is Lonely

Kitties may have tried very hard to garner a reputation as cold, calculating predators, but in actuality, these little furballs are very emotional. Just like people, Fluffy can get lonely, sad, and depressed if she is isolated too much. However, our feline pals can’t really tell us if they’re lonely, so you’ll have to look for clues. Below, a Diamond Bar, CA vet lists some signs of loneliness in cats.

Sleeping Too Much

We know, napping is one of Fluffy’s favorite pastimes. The average furball snoozes around 14 hours a day. Actually , kittens and senior cats can spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping. However, if your feline buddy seems to only wake up to eat or use the litterbox, she could be lonely.

Litterbox Issues

It’s worth noting that litterbox issues in kitties can be caused by several things, from medical issues to anxiety. Fluffy also may not like how her personal powder room is set up. If your cat has stopped using her litterbox, have your vet examine her immediately. If she gets the all-clear, then loneliness and/or anxiety may be the issue.


Does your cat follow you around whenever you are home? Does Fluffy immediately hop into your lap when you sit down, and want to be snuggled 24/7? Your furry little cuddlebug may be lonely!


Granted, some of our feline friends are furry little curmudgeons by nature. However, if Fluffy seems uncharacteristically cranky, she may be spending too much time by herself. A bad ‘cattitude’ can also be a sign of health issues, so contact your vet if your kitty seems unusually crabby.


Cats sometimes do express themselves vocally. If Fluffy cries when left alone, or talks to you constantly when you’re home home, she could be lonely.


Make Fluffy’s alone time more fun by offering her lots of toys and cat furniture, as well as a good window view. Leaving a light and a TV or radio on may also help.


Getting a second cat can keep Fluffy from feeling lonely. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all option, however. You’ll need to consider the commitment and expense, as well as the ages, histories, and temperaments of both kitties. Ask your vet for recommendations.

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