Pet Hydration Awareness Month

July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month! This is a very important topic! It’s really easy for our furry friends to get dehydrated and/or overheat at this time of year. Making sure your furry buddy is getting enough water is absolutely crucial. A local Diamond Bar, CA vet discusses pet hydration in this article.


First things first: make sure that your pet always has plenty of cool, fresh water. We recommend setting out multiple water stations, especially if you have multiple pets or a large house. You may also want to get an automated waterer. (Tip: this is a great option for cats that like tap water.) If your furry friend spends time outside, be sure to put water bowls outdoors as well. Wash your animal companion’s dishes daily, to keep bacteria and grime from building up. On hot days, feel free to drop an ice cube into your pet’s water bowl.

Canned Food

While canned food isn’t appropriate for all animals, it can be a great choice for dogs and cats. One benefit of canned food is that it has a higher moisture content than kibble. Follow your vet’s nutritional recommendations.


Look for treats with a high moisture content. Fido can have an ice cube or a cup of broth, while Fluffy may enjoy some cat milk or a can of tuna or chicken in water. For birds and pocket pets, you may want to offer melons or mangos. You can also freeze some snacks in water, using an ice cube tray. Of course, a specific list of suitable treats will depend on what kind of pet you have. Ask your vet for recommendations.


While not all of our animal companions enjoy swimming, some pets can enjoy a cool dip. Dogs and certain lizards—such as iguanas—may love splashing around on a hot day! If you have a bird, your feathered buddy may also enjoy taking a birdbath to cool off. Just be sure to follow basic safety precautions. Never leave pets unattended near water, even for a moment.

Signs of Dehydration

Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration. These will vary from pet to pet, but some common ones include sunken eyes, lethargy, dark urine, and panting or drooling. Ask your vet for more information.

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