The Cat’s Meow

Do you have a talkative kitty? Or does your feline buddy only speak up when she wants to let you know she’s ready for dinner? Fluffy has many adorable quirks, but one of her cutest attributes are her charismatic little meows. In this article, a Diamond Bar, CA vet discusses kitty meows.

The History of The Meow

Have you ever felt like your furry pal has you wrapped around her paws? You may not be wrong. In fact, Fluffy is quite good at manipulating us. As it turns out, cats may have started meowing just to boss their humans around. Those plaintive cries kitties make just happen to sound quite a bit like those of a human baby. This is very effective at melting our hearts and getting us to offer crying cats food, comfy napping spots, and ear scritches.

Chatty Cats

Some kitties are much more talkative than others are. The Siamese is one of the more vocal breeds. These guys like to tell their owners about everything, often in a sing-song voice! Maine Coons are also very chatty, and communicate with adorable squeaks and chirps.

Changes In Meows

Changes in your furry friend’s vocalizations can be a sign of some very serious health issues. For instance, if a chatty cat suddenly falls quiet, she could be sick. A more reserved kitty that usually doesn’t say much, but suddenly starts yowling, may also be in pain. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.

Different Meows

If you pay close attention, you may notice that your kitty has different meows for different things. She may have a one specific call or cry she uses when she wants you to feed her right meow. Fluffy may sound completely different when she ‘talks back’ to you if you say her name. And she may have another sound when she wants to chide you for moving her mid-nap.

Talking To Fluffy

Do you talk to your cat? If so, that’s great! Even if Fluffy has no idea what you are saying, she’ll still appreciate the attention. If your furball is on the talkative end of the spectrum, try mimicking her meows. This can be a cute game to play with your pet!

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