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Dr. Thomas Beighlie

Partner, Clinician, Surgeon

Dr. Beighlie’s veterinary medicine career has proven immensely satisfying for him. Most importantly, he feels an inner warmth when he can use his skills to keep animals healthy. Healthy, well-cared-for pets can enjoy longer relationships with their pet parents. Dr. Beighlie also likes to use his scientific mindset to solve complex medical cases that resemble intricate puzzles.
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Dr. Charles Mintzer

Partner, Clinician

By the time Charles Mintzer was 10 years old, he was already known as the neighborhood animal caretaker. Growing up in a small Queens, New York apartment, Charles often walked neighbors’ pets and was always concerned about their health. In his own home, Charles kept non-traditional pets such as chameleons, garden snakes, a mynah bird, and a baby chick that somehow grew into a raucous rooster.
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Dr. Janine Jung


Dr. Janine Jung started at All Pets Medical and Surgical Center in November of 2021
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Veterinary Technician

Donna’s animal care experience stretches all the way back to high school. After joining the school’s Future Farmers of America chapter, Donna met many large farm animals through her group’s activities. Donna also spent many hours volunteering in a small-animal practice during her high school years.
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Veterinary Technician

Nikki is fortunate that she works in a field she absolutely loves. In fact, someone once asked her a very thought-provoking question about her work. If she could do any job in the world, and money wasn’t a concern, what profession would make her the happiest?
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Office Administrator

Diane’s life has provided her with many opportunities to enrich animals’ lives while giving her a sense of fulfillment. Growing up, Diane provided tender loving care to her neighbors’ pets during vacations. Working at veterinary hospitals has also proven very gratifying, as Diane can play a part in animals’ healing experiences.
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Vanessa Padilla

Head Registered Veterinary Technician, Supervisor, Inventory Manager

Throughout Vanessa’s life, she has generously contributed her animal care skills to a variety of worthy causes. After attending college, she began volunteering in local animal hospitals; and she currently donates her veterinary technician skills to a non-profit animal group.
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Susan Scurto

Pet Groomer

Susan began her pet grooming career when she was just a young girl. She looked for every opportunity to comb, brush, or wash a family pet. Besides frequently grooming her dogs and cats, Susan stroked and preened her pet mouse and bird as well.
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Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Attendant

When a friend told him about an open position here at All Pets Medical and Surgical Center, Clifford jumped at the chance to learn more about the behind-the-scenes aspects of a veterinary clinic while giving his time toward the betterment of animals. He couldn’t be happier with his choice!
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