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4 Dog Emergencies That Require Immediate Veterinary Attention


There’s nothing worse for a dog owner than noticing your pup is in pain. Our loyal companions are always exploring and finding new ways to cause trouble, but that’s part of why we love them so much. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that our dogs can get in that require immediate veterinary care. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these emergencies so that you can take action quickly if your dog ever needs help. By acting quickly and taking your dog to an expert veterinarian like All Pets Medical & Surgical Center, you can help your furry friend get back to full health in no time. Below, we are going to walk you through 4 dog emergencies that require immediate veterinary attention.

1. Fractures

Dogs love to get outside and explore, but this can lead to serious fractures and accidents. If your dog gets hit by a car, jumping from extreme heights, or any other types of trauma, you need to get them into the veterinarian as soon as possible. A fracture is a serious health issue that needs to be dealt with quickly. Your dog will be in pain and might not be able to walk, so help them get the medical assistance they need. To prevent these issues from occurring, you can explore investing in a fenced in yard and be extra careful when holding your dog when you are standing up.

2. Chemical Ingestion

We all know how curious our canine friends can be. If your dog licks up chemicals such as cleaning agents or you find them playing with bottles of opened chemical agents, you should take them to a veterinarian immediately. These chemicals can put your dog’s life at risk. The chances are good they will need to have their stomach pumped to remove the toxic substances. Make sure you take extra care to keep chemicals away from your pup when you are cleaning the house.

3. Heatstroke

Dogs have a hard time when they are left in extremely hot or humid conditions for an extended time period. This can occur during the summer or if you leave your pup in the car for a quick errand while the temperature is hot. If you have to leave your dog in the car, make sure you are cracking the windows for them. Avoid leaving them in the car entirely if the weather is extremely hot. It’s important to keep an eye out for signs like excessive panting and lethargy. If you notice your dog isn’t acting like themselves, take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible to get them the medical care that they need.

4. Fight Wounds

If your dog gets into a fight with another animal, you need to check the status of their wounds. If they are experiencing heavy bleeding, take them to the veterinarian for help. If the wound is on their head or around their eyes, you also should plan to take them to the veterinarian as soon as you can.

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