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Finding the Best Diet for Your Pet Rabbit


A pet rabbit can bring countless hours of joy and entertainment into your home. They make for great pets that have a lot of personality to put on display. Taking care of a pet rabbit requires owners to know a little bit about what the right things to feed them are. Rabbits have very sensitive digestive tracts which means you need to be careful with what you give them to eat. Pets rely on their owners for their nutrition, which is why you should spend some time finding the best diet for your pet rabbit. That way, you know your rabbit will always be healthy and happy thanks to its great nutrition. Below, we will be walking you through some of the foods that make up the best diet for your pet rabbit. Remember to reach out to All Pets Medical if you think your rabbit is sick or you would like to have a professional veterinarian assess its health.

1. Vegetables

One of the first things that people think of when they think of rabbits is carrots. Rabbits love eating vegetables, and you can provide them with up to 2 cups of veggies every day. Some of the best vegetables to feed your pet rabbit include lettuce, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and spinach. Make sure you stay away from feeding your rabbit things like corn, seeds, beans, potatoes, and nuts, as these types of foods can cause significant digestive issues for them.

2. Hay

One of the main ingredients for any healthy rabbit’s diet is hay. It is probably the thing you should feed your rabbit the most, as it contains helpful digestive properties. Grass hays are typically the best type of hay for pet rabbits and are easy to purchase. Make sure that the hay you are feeding them is fresh and doesn’t have any mold or dust on it that can make your rabbit sick. Don’t forget the fact that rabbits are grazing animals, which means they should essentially have an unlimited supply of fresh hay daily to munch on.

3. Pellets

Another staple of a good diet for your pet rabbit is pellets. Finding the best diet for your pet rabbit means finding the right quantities of food as well as the right types. You should try to feed your pet rabbit timothy hay pellets in small quantities. About one-quarter cup of pellets daily should do the trick for your furry friend.

4. Fruits

If you are finding the best diet for your pet rabbit, you might want to incorporate fruits into their daily eating. Fruits are best when given to your pet rabbit as a special treat once or twice per week. You don’t want to introduce too many fruits into your pet rabbit’s diet right away, because they will need time to gradually adjust their digestive system.

Finding the best diet for your pet rabbit is easy if you keep the four food types mentioned above at the top of your list. Your rabbit will be able to enjoy a long and healthy life thanks to the nutritious meals you provide them with.

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