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What to Do When Your Cat or Dog is Lost


One of the worst experiences that a pet owner can go through is losing their pet. Stress and panic set in immediately as soon as you realize your loyal companion isn’t where they are supposed to be. It can be a traumatic experience if you aren’t prepared to take the necessary action to recover a lost pet. That’s why we’ve decided to create a helpful article for pet owners in the even that their cat or dog is lost. Dogs and cats instinctually like to explore new territory, which is why they will escape the house or head off on their own sometimes. If your cat or dog is lost, follow the steps mentioned below to have the best chance of finding them quickly:

1. Make Finding Your Cat or Dog the #1 Priority

Sometimes, your pet will be lost and catch you completely off guard. It’s important to realize that you have to make finding your cat or your dog the number one priority. Let your friends and family know what you are dealing with, take time off of work, arrange for your kids to get picked up from school, and do whatever it takes to reunite with your pet! Finding your pet means making it the most important thing in your life at the time.

2. Don’t Panic

One of the biggest errors that pet owners make when they realize that their dog or cat is lost is panicking. Letting your emotions get the best of you will lead to clouded judgments and poor decisions. It’s easy to let this happen, so make sure that you are not panicking when you realize your pet is gone and stay focused on taking logical steps towards finding them. That way you can put your mind towards creating flyers, calling animal shelters, and posting things on the internet that will make the community aware of the lost pet.

3. Offer a Nice Reward

One great way to increase your chances of being reunited with your dog or your cat is to post a reward. It’s important to offer a nice reward so that people are more motivated to help out. A dog or a cat is your loyal companion that you love, so make sure you are putting forth what you can to help them find their way back home.

4. Stay Attentive with Your Phone

Most dog and cat owners include their phone number and address on their collars, so it’s important to stay very attentive with your phone. If your dog or cat is lost and someone finds them, the first thing that usually occurs is a phone call to the number listed on their collar. That means you should always be ready to hear from someone that has located your lost pet.

If your dog or cat is lost, don’t let stress get the best of you. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and reach out to All Pets Medical to get the word out about your lost pet.

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