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Why is Your Cat Meowing?


If you are a cat owner, you know that your cat will use meowing in an attempt to communicate with you. A key for cat owners is learning the reasons for the meow so that you and respond accordingly. A cat will use it’s meowing for a variety of reasons, and they actually have the ability to change the pitch and length of a meow depending on why they are doing it. That’s why we are going to walk you through some of the main reasons why your cat is meowing below. Remember to reach out to All Pets Medical if your cat is meowing and you can’t seem to figure out why. Cats will often times meow if they are experiencing pain or health issues, so you should always take them to a professional veterinarian if you think they might be dealing with serious health issues.

1. Your Cat is Hungry

One of the main reasons why a cat will meow is because they are hungry. Many cat owners can attest to this meow, which normally will occur around dinner time. They will oftentimes combine their meow with purring when they are hungry. You will eventually learn to recognize the “I’m hungry” meow. It’s a very natural way for cats to communicate with their owners and let them know they are ready for their meal.

2. Your Cat is Hurt or in Pain

Another common reason why cats meow is that they are either hurt or in a lot of pain. How do you know that your cat is trying to express the fact that they are in pain? If they are suddenly meowing excessively in a way that seems out of the ordinary, it’s likely because they aren’t feeling like themselves. This type of meow is usually higher pitched and easy to recognize. For example, if you’ve ever stepped on your cat’s tail, they probably let out a high-pitched meow that meant they were in pain. Cat owners should take this type of meowing very seriously and get their cats to a professional veterinarian like All Pets Medical if the meowing does not stop.

3. Your Cat is Stressed Out

If you’ve ever taken your cat into the veterinarian before in a carrier, you’ve probably heard your cat’s stressed out meow. Cats that get stressed out are usually very vocal. You will likely have to endure a lot of stress meowing if you are traveling with your cat in a carrier into unfamiliar territory for them. Keep in mind that this is a normal type of meowing that is simply the product of your cat’s increased stress levels.

4. Your Cat Wants Attention

Sometimes, cats meow just because they are looking for a little more attention from their owners. If your cat seemingly meows out of nowhere, you should try spending some time with them and playing with them. Cats know that their owners will oftentimes respond to a meow, so when they are bored or need affection, they will let you know!

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