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Great Dental Care for your Pets

Just like people, it’s important that oral hygiene be a part of your pet’s regular routine. This includes regular checkups from a veterinarian dentist. Animal Dental Care is one of our specialties at All Pets Medical & Surgical Center. Our team of skilled pet dentists want to help you maintain your pet’s healthy smile for many years to come.

Keeping your Pet's teeth clean

Your pet relies on their teeth, not only for eating but for many other daily activities as well. In many ways, your pet’s mouth functions in the same way that our hands do. In addition, poor dental health can lead to a number of different health problems including gastrointestinal issues or even heart disease, which can be deadly in dogs and cats. Bacterial infections that originate in your pet’s teeth and gums will often spread to other parts of the body, which can cause problems in their kidneys or pain in their joints. A healthy mouth is essential to the quality of life of your pet.

Some signs that your pet is suffering from dental issues can include a change of eating habits. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us when they are in pain, but if your pet has suddenly stopped eating their regular food, it may be a sign that they are experiencing tooth pain. In cats, drooling is not uncommon with dental disease. Other common signs of tooth issues include bad breath or swollen or discolored gums and teeth. Cat dental care and dog dental care may not be something pet owners think about on a regular basis but given all the health problems that can come out of dental disease, an annual visit to a skilled animal dentist is advisable.

Pet Dental Care at Home

There are many ways you can help prevent dental disease in your pets in between vet visits. There are many toys and treats on the market that are specifically designed to help your pet avoid plaque and tartar buildup through chewing. I addition, you may consider investing in a pet tooth brushing kit, which can be purchased at any pet supply store. These kits typically come with specialized pet toothpaste and a brush that’s designed to help you brush your pet’s teeth safely. We don’t recommend that you use human toothbrushes on your pets. Human toothbrushes are often too large for a dogs mouth and can be too hard on your pet’s gums.

Our Veterinary Dental Services

For a deeper cleaning, an annual visit to a cat dentist or dog dentist is recommended. During your appointment, our animal dental care specialist will inspect your pet’s teeth to determine the severity of their tartar and plaque buildup. From there, we are able to recommend the best course of action for your particular pet. In many cases, we are able to perform a cleaning without the use of anesthesia. However, is some cases, putting your pet under for the cleaning procedure may be the best way to ensure that your pet’s teeth are cleanly as thoroughly as possible.

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