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Dog & Cat Grooming

Sure, your pet may look and smell great after a visit to the groomer, but grooming services are about more than just maintaining your pet’s physical appearance. Pet grooming can be instrumental in your pet’s health as well. Unfortunately, many pets are not comfortable with being groomed. That’s why it’s so important that you train your cat or dog to get used to being handled when they are young. A cheap grooming company may not be able to handle pets that are reluctant to get groomed, however, our professional pet grooming specialists have the experience necessary to calm even the most nervous of pets.

If you have a long hair dog or cat, you problem know how important grooming sessions are to prevent mats in their coat. However, even short-hair pets can benefit from the occasional trip to the groomers. Our dog grooming specialists can make sure that your pet’s nails are in check, which our cat grooming team can give your cat a proper bath, which any cat owner knows is no easy task! Some of our grooming services include:

Our Grooming Special:

  • 10% off of grooming for first time clients.
  • 10% off of grooming when groomed again within 30 days.

Pet Baths

For many pet owners, giving their dog or cat a bath seems like an impossible task. This is especially true if your pet is not used to being handled. Our team of trained groomers know exactly how to help your pet relax so they can sit back and enjoy the bathing process, rather it being a stressful situation for them and for you. Bathing your pet periodically will not only make them smell better, it can help rid their coat of pollen and other allergens that can cause allergic reactions. In addition, we can determine whether or not your pet’s glands need to be expressed, a task that most pet owners know how to do on their own.

Cuts & De-Shedding

For pets with longer hair, cuts and de-shedding services are essential to maintaining a healthy coat. If your pet is due for a trim, bring them into our full-service grooming salon and we will give them the VIP treatment! Cuts and periodic de-shedding services will not only keep your pet looking their best, it can help prevent painful mats in their fur and excess hair being spread throughout your home.

Pet Nail Trimming

Many pet owners are reluctant to cut their pet’s nails on their own, and it’s understandable why. Your pet’s nails contain nerve and a blood vessel called the “quick” which can be nearly impossible to identify to the untrained eye. If your pet’s nails too short, you risk cutting the quick which can be extremely painful for your pet. If the quick is cut, you must act quickly to stop any bleeding and clean the site to prevent an infection. Rather than risking harming your pet or letting their nails get too overgrown, it’s best to bring them in for periodic nail trims by one of our professional groomers.

Flea & Tick Treatments

Hopefully you already have your pet on a preventive flea and tick treatment. However, even with regular treatments, it’s still possible for your pet to pick up pests. If your pet becomes infested with fleas or ticks, your normal pet shampoo will not be enough to remedy the problem. For extreme cases like these, we offer medical flea and tick shampoos for both dogs and cats. During this service, we will also go through your pet’s coat with a fine comb to make sure that every flea is removed. It’s important to remember that flea and tick shampoo won’t prevent your pet from being infested again. It’s important to make sure that you stick to their flea and tick regimen and take any necessary steps to eradicate pests from your home and yard.

If your pet is due for a professional grooming service, we are standing by to help! Our caring and highly trained animal grooming staff is experienced in providing grooming services for all breeds of cats and dogs. Whether your pet has a short coat, or longer hair, we have an affordable grooming service that is just right for your pet. Even if your pet has been relucted to visit the groomers in the past, you can trust that they will be in good hands with our experienced staff. Your pet doesn’t have to endure a matted coat, overgrown nails, or dirty ears just because they previously did not enjoy getting groomed. We always take the extra time and care to make sure that grooming is a pleasant experience for your pet. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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