Wellness & Vaccinations

The goal of every loving pet parent is to see their animal friend enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care and preventative medicine. All Pets Medical & Surgical Center offers comprehensive wellness care packages for pets of all species and ages. Give your companion the gift of a long, healthy life.


Why wellness care?

Wellness care involves bringing your pet in to be examined by the vet every 6 months to a year – regardless of whether he or she is sick. Wellness care is extremely important because when we are able to examine your pet on a regular basis, we are better able to both manage their current health and also monitor that health over time. Often times an animal that appears to be completely healthy on the outside may actually be hiding a dangerous health secret which, if left undetected, could impact their long-term health and even shorten their life. Wellness care allows us to both prevent illness and to catch it in its earliest stages, improving the chances of a long, healthy life for your pet.


What does wellness care involve?

At APMSC, we believe the best approach to your pet’s health care is prevention. The preventative health care recommendations by our experienced doctors are made based on the results of our physical examinations and your pet’s individual needs. Preventative care may include blood, urine and fecal tests, customized vaccination plans, parasite prevention and control, nutrition and weight management, and certain lifestyle changes that will reduce the risks your pet will be exposed to during his or her lifetime. Our comprehensive wellness exams include all of the following:

  • Weight Measurement
  • Temperature
  • Physical Appearance
  • Body Score
  • Oral Cavity Check
  • Examination of the Teeth
  • Eye Exam
  • Listening to the Heart
  • Respiratory System Evaluation
  • Abdomen Check
  • Musculoskeletal Exam
  • Lymph Nodes Check
  • Nervous System Evaluation
  • Wellness Plans

At All Pets, we want to make managing your companion’s ongoing health easy and affordable. That’s why we’ve put together a number of comprehensive, competitively priced wellness plans to support your pet’s health care needs throughout his or her lifetime. Plans are available for pediatric, adult and senior pets and include everything needed to achieve a lifetime of health and happiness.


Getting to know you…

Finally, wellness visits provide all of us at APMSC with the opportunity to build a relationship with you and to bond with your pet. The better we know and understand your needs and those of your animal companion, the more precise and effective a health care plan we can develop. Together we will form a lifelong partnership with the shared goal of helping you and your loved one enjoy as many healthy years of companionship as possible.

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